Sunday, December 30, 2012

Because I 'Felt' a Little Hungry

Shown above: Sandwich with two slices of bread, lettuce, cheese, two tomatoes that double 
as meat balls, bow-tie pasta, egg, taco/pizza, carrots and sugar snap peas. 

I tried my hand at making some felt food a few weeks back. Got online and looked up a few references from Etsy and Pinterest to see how the pros do it. I was blown away at how intricate you can get. I mean,  I wanted to bust into my computer and eat some of the adorable/delicious looking  cupcakes I saw.  I used what I had and just played around. Most pieces I just used all purpose glue to double the thickness and add durability. I added a few little embroidery details (as many as I had patience for). Some foods I ran out of time to make that also look very easy were: bacon and cookies (now that sounds yummy together).

What I learned: 
  • Sugar snap peas don't deserve that much embroidery...two was my limit. 
  • But in all seriousness, it was a lot of fun to make these playful morsels. The best things in life just take a little time. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let's Begin Again

I tend to feel like the year should start over the day after Christmas. I'm ready for a new beginning after all the hustle and bustle.

I'm ready to begin my year of "Creating"!!!

Last Fall I picked up the brushes after a long time and did this commission piece for our babysitter (painting for free babysitting for a month = pretty sweet). She picked out a photo of what she wanted and this was my interpretation. I'm so thankful she asked me because it reminded me of how much I love to create. It reminded me that all endeavors have their sweet moments but also their times of drudgery and require perseverance. It has inspired me to paint, draw, and make more.

AND I'm look forward to connecting with the original Creator in the process. 

Goals so far: 
  • I booked my first "art show" at a local coffee shop (not until August so I have some time). 
  • Playing around with the idea of doing the 365 project which is basically taking a photo a day (Claire could be a big incentive for this one). 
  • To do a study in scripture explore the ways God has displayed creativity (so excited about this one...our redemption story is SUPER creative).
  • And to not be afraid of failure for it's far better to start than fear the finished product.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

YEEE HAW! What a fun weekend!

This weekend was such a blast! We had a barn dance (that was actually in a gym but it still had a country feel) with The Navigator students. Wyatt was so excited to go to his first barn dance and cut a rug. He even wore a cowboy hat (he's not a big fan of hats as a general rule).

Then on Sunday we had some of our dear friends from college come visit so I could take their family photos. It was a hoot and we got some good pictures out of the gig. I can't remember the last time I laughed that much. Love these three!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! It's hard to believe Thanksgiving's a week away...crazy!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wyatt's FIRST TIME EVER trick-or-treat Adventure

 At our front door...getting all JAZZED
 This was his look as we walked up to the first house.
It says "Am I really going to do this!?!" But you know what folks? He TOTALLY rocked it! It couldn't have been a more gorgeous evening. The neighborhood we went to was over flowing with adorable babies all the way up to "I-still-want-my-candy-so-I'll-dress-up" teenagers. Nothing was too scary. And by the end he was telling us "I can do it myself!!!"

He was a roley-poley for those of you who were wondering. It's an outfit I made for him when he was around 18 months and apparently I made it SUPER BIG. Thus, it still fit (minus me having to sew him into it -- HA!!).

And the sunset that night was UNREAL!!!

Those two cuties!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Autumn in Manhattan 2012

You don't have to know me very well to know that I may be a little obsessed with AUTUMN! It's so lovely, yet so fleeting. Hope you're enjoying Autumn where you's going to be here today and gone tomorrow. 

1) The sound of Autumn. The leaves falling in droves and crunching underfoot. 
2) Scarves.
3) The color scheme. 
4) Hot beverages. 
5) The rich, earthy smells laced with the scent of something freshly baked. 
6) Watching "The Lord of the Rings" (our family tradition when the weather turns cold). 
7) Advent being on our doorstep. 
8) More blankets to cuddle under. 
9) Eating soup...I LOVE SOUP!
10) Reflecting on my year so far and see all that Lord has done and being filled with gratitude! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Fantastically Four

Can you believe my little Love is FOUR!?!?!

I couldn't be more proud of how he's grown this last year. His speech is continuing to improve (therefore, mommy and daddy have to be more careful on the words we use around him. HA!)
His pretending and make-believe play has been so fun to watch. He continues to explore both the physical world along with peer relationships. My prayer for him since he's been born is that he would have courage and kindness and I can see God working those things into his sweet heart.

Thank you, Wyatt, for teaching us more about ourselves and how to love. You've encouraged us to accept the gift of slowing down to enjoy the sweet, rich moments the life so readily offers.

May you always know you are dearly loved by the Hands that made you.

With love,
Amanda (your momma!)

"Wyatt! W-Y-A-T-T!"
This face much be in the genes!
"My snowman is my BEST FRIEND!"
The beautiful hairs on his head!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Making Room

ASH WEDNESDAY!! That came quick but is eagerly welcomed.

I love lent, which might sound weird but I do. In this life it feels crucial to make space to reflect, remember and feel all the things these hearts of ours feel. Lent is one of those times where I am reminded to make room for the One who made room for us. It's a time that takes work, it's a time that realigns me, it's a time where love and sorrow meet.

I hope on your journey you feel the freedom to make room, and to know that "He first loved us" so it's also okay to fail. In the mist of reflecting on my own journey I've felt heavy so I've been meditating on this passage in Matthew 11: