Monday, April 2, 2012

Fantastically Four

Can you believe my little Love is FOUR!?!?!

I couldn't be more proud of how he's grown this last year. His speech is continuing to improve (therefore, mommy and daddy have to be more careful on the words we use around him. HA!)
His pretending and make-believe play has been so fun to watch. He continues to explore both the physical world along with peer relationships. My prayer for him since he's been born is that he would have courage and kindness and I can see God working those things into his sweet heart.

Thank you, Wyatt, for teaching us more about ourselves and how to love. You've encouraged us to accept the gift of slowing down to enjoy the sweet, rich moments the life so readily offers.

May you always know you are dearly loved by the Hands that made you.

With love,
Amanda (your momma!)

"Wyatt! W-Y-A-T-T!"
This face much be in the genes!
"My snowman is my BEST FRIEND!"
The beautiful hairs on his head!