Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

That we can have totally different goals yet still have so much fun together!

I take the laundry out of the basket. "I want in the basket!"
I sort the laundry..I sit on the laundry
I put the laundry away...I pull the laundry out of my drawers.
And you know what? We have a wonderful time together!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just Normal Things

Wyatt and I were reminiscing about his younger years.

I was cleaning out his drawers and found
this hat and his new-born pass.
He cracks me up.
(and yes, those are wrist warmers he is wearing..he loves them)

Meals from the last week!

I am working on this painting currently...please be kind acrylic!
Happy Tuesday! XOXOX

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day (Love Awareness Day) and Trading Art!

I like to refer to St. Valentine's Day as "Love Awareness Day" not "Singles Awareness Day". Let's think back to elementary school when we gave Valentines to everyone...that sweet Rainbow Bright or Teenage Ninja Turtles card that said something so simple yet sweet. The idea behind this small act was to remind our peers that we care about them. What happened to those days? I worked on V-day and I heard so many customers say "happy singles awareness day". BLAH! No thank you! I LOVE love! And not love like...heart bubbles, chick flick, cupid in a diaper, "love"; I'm talking: we don't deserve, God of the Universe (1 John 4:8), "He came not to the world be served but to serve" kind of love, who gave us life - kind of love! Love is BIG! too bad the English language doesn't have more words to describe the different kinds of love (Greek-style). So that's my rant on V-day. Maybe Easter is the day of true love...YIPPY!

Now Picture Time!
Heart Sugar Cookies!

Austin was inspired by his sweet heart and made this
adorable sign! Thanks honey!


A friend/co-worker of mine traded me this painting
for an ipod case. The painting is suppose to represent
how there can be life in a dry, barren place.

I made the ipod case from felt. Felt is so wonderful.
Cheap and versatile!

I love the golden rod color..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday: First Edition

I am going to do this thing every Thursday (hopefully)
where I share what I am thankful for.
With all the hard things that life has woven into it,
it can be difficult to remember how much awesomeness is also present.
So here we GO!

1) I am thankful for sharing! Wyatt is still at the age where he can share whatever we are eating without purchasing/preparing another scope of ice cream, omelet, or whatever. He can always have a portion of what we are having and that is really AWESOME! He still has his own meals but if he wants some of what I am eating it doesn't really affect anything. Soon I know he will out eat me by many portions :(


2) I am thankful for TREES! This isn't a new one but these trees I made for the season!

This is short but Wyatt isn't taking nap...not so thankful for that new habit...oh well.
What are you thankful for this week?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Month of Love!

Now that she has received it...This is what I sent Michelle Van Winkle for her birthday!
A banner stating "I LOVE YOU"!
I do love her so much! She has been my friend for eight years now.
CRAZY! I thought it would be fun to share
since it is the month of remembering who we loooooove!
As a gift, feel free to download this mini-calendar below.
I was trying to do one for every month as
Christmas gifts but it was too much!
I will try to complete the month we are in and share it with you!

The month before spring.
The month when Valentine's Day is celebrated.
The month where I realize we are knee deep into a new year.
The shortest month of the year (probably to be kind to us warm weather lovers).

I hope you all have a wonderful February!