Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day (Love Awareness Day) and Trading Art!

I like to refer to St. Valentine's Day as "Love Awareness Day" not "Singles Awareness Day". Let's think back to elementary school when we gave Valentines to everyone...that sweet Rainbow Bright or Teenage Ninja Turtles card that said something so simple yet sweet. The idea behind this small act was to remind our peers that we care about them. What happened to those days? I worked on V-day and I heard so many customers say "happy singles awareness day". BLAH! No thank you! I LOVE love! And not love like...heart bubbles, chick flick, cupid in a diaper, "love"; I'm talking: we don't deserve, God of the Universe (1 John 4:8), "He came not to the world be served but to serve" kind of love, who gave us life - kind of love! Love is BIG! too bad the English language doesn't have more words to describe the different kinds of love (Greek-style). So that's my rant on V-day. Maybe Easter is the day of true love...YIPPY!

Now Picture Time!
Heart Sugar Cookies!

Austin was inspired by his sweet heart and made this
adorable sign! Thanks honey!


A friend/co-worker of mine traded me this painting
for an ipod case. The painting is suppose to represent
how there can be life in a dry, barren place.

I made the ipod case from felt. Felt is so wonderful.
Cheap and versatile!

I love the golden rod color..


Michelle said...

ummm . . . so cute that austin made you that sweet banner. what a great hubby!

Reagan said...

I love that painting! I can't believe you were able to trade for that. Of course, your ipod case is SO cute though! and oh my word, your cookies looked so creatively done. Of course, austin's sign is really cute - good for him :) Man you guys are so creative!


I have several things to say to you:
1. I almost used that background! And probably will soon.
2. I agree!!! I LOVE LOVE!
3. That tree painting is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. ever.
4. The ipod case is brilliant.
6. I think that is all...

j.matson said...

That literally brought a tear to my eye! We miss you guys heaps - especially when the future is so unsure. Love you guys heaps!