Monday, January 25, 2010

Add to the Beauty

I love the beginning of a new year
(minus the fact it happens during the heart of winter).
There is something that feels redeeming and alive
about starting a new chapter.
There are so many possibilities for growth and change.
I anticipate a year where Wyatt will change more than I can realize,
a year where there will be discovery and adventure, a year with the highs and lows that life brings but most of all I hope it is a year of beauty discovered!
On that note I wanted to share some beauty from the last month.

I have been longing to make these cute little "thumb print" cookies.
I feel like I've seen them EVERYWHERE and was just dying to make them myself.
I found a similar recipe while at Mom and Dad Olinger's house.
They had gotten some preserves as a gift and allowed me to use them for the recipe.

I had a delightful time making them!

TaDa! So cute, right?

While in Kansas I got to spend some much needed time with
my sweet and precious friends. This is at Michelle's house.
This was a delectable platter for the evening events. What a posh
bamboo platter, Chelle!

Poor little love was getting a cold on the way back to Denver
so the sweetie slept about half the trip back.
He was too cute not to capture!

He was feeling better in no time.
He loves his new toys.
Aren't those jammies SO cute!

I am a part of a women's small group at my church.
It has been so wonderful meeting twice a month and sharing our lives.
It always feels so rich with authenticity.
Our leader, Amy Walker, hand wrote all of us this beautiful verse!
I keep it on my calendar, so to not forget!

This is the most random...really. So one of my new years "hopes"
was to be more creative, even if it's incredibly random.

That being said. I hard boil eggs for Wyatt every few weeks
so he has another source of protein and I mark them with an "X"
so to not confuse them with the unboiled eggs. While doing this
mundane act I thought "what the heck" lets get creative.

It made me think how I want to be a good egg...cheesy?? I think so, but it was fun!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chapter 2010

In case you can't read it:

1. Be creative more often.
We bought a new camera in December so I am already feeling like my creative juices are flowing but I still want to DO MORE! I have the tools I need to make the time.

2. Send more letters.
I was going to say something about being a better friend because I do want to be a better friend, and sister, and daughter, and being a better mailer of things seems like a good place to start.

3. LEARN MORE about veggies so I can use them more.
I am loving to cook. It's also a creative outlet while also serving the purpose of meeting a basic need. I just want to be more educated on the healthy stuff so I can incorporate more.

4. Hold my tongue.
Less negativity more love!

5. Read more good stuff.
Less novels and more bible and books that challenge my mind and heart.

6. Be kinder when telling the truth.
Especially with my sweet husband. Sometimes I can be snappy.

What are your Hopes/Resolutions for 2010???