Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Trailhead Women's Christmas Party 2010

So much fun!

Two of my BESTEST friends since we've been here in Colorado! I love you gals!

What did I get during the gift exchange you ask...well let's just say I got a Team Edward shirt that I'm totally wearing to work today. It's so perfect that I would get something like that from Amy!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Here is a bunch of random things!

#1: My favorite meal to make with left over Thanksgiving turkey...TURKEY NOODLE SOUP!

#2: Wyatt helping Grandma/Mom Olinger make dinner for us tonight.
The story behind this quilt is: I started it two years ago for my brother (who doesn't read my blog). It's made entirely of recycled t-shirts (minus the back which is also a cotton blend just like t-shirt material). I started hand quilting it BUT it was super thick and difficult to accomplish (aka VERY time consuming). I was going to pay a friend who has a long arm sewing machine to machine quilt it for me but she also couldn't do it because is was too thick AND too soft. So I finally decided to just tie it off. My mom-in-law came this weekend and helped me finish tying and hand sewed the edges for me. Can you believe it??? After two years it's finally done! YIPPY!!!
It's so soft and I hope my brother really loves it!
#4: Our first moving box was packed tonight (sad and happy face). #5: Our beautiful Christmas tree!!! We didn't put it up last year because of our little love but this year it's been golden. He hasn't touched a single thing and loves to look at it!
#6: I got this Aspen ornament today to remember our time here in Colorado. #7: My favorite Christmas ornament! Do you have a favorite??

Family Photo Fun

Some of my family came to Denver for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was so much fun and we has some time to take a few family photos. Here's a preview.

They're a hoot! This really is the most wonderful time of the year!