Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let's Begin Again

I tend to feel like the year should start over the day after Christmas. I'm ready for a new beginning after all the hustle and bustle.

I'm ready to begin my year of "Creating"!!!

Last Fall I picked up the brushes after a long time and did this commission piece for our babysitter (painting for free babysitting for a month = pretty sweet). She picked out a photo of what she wanted and this was my interpretation. I'm so thankful she asked me because it reminded me of how much I love to create. It reminded me that all endeavors have their sweet moments but also their times of drudgery and require perseverance. It has inspired me to paint, draw, and make more.

AND I'm look forward to connecting with the original Creator in the process. 

Goals so far: 
  • I booked my first "art show" at a local coffee shop (not until August so I have some time). 
  • Playing around with the idea of doing the 365 project which is basically taking a photo a day (Claire could be a big incentive for this one). 
  • To do a study in scripture explore the ways God has displayed creativity (so excited about this one...our redemption story is SUPER creative).
  • And to not be afraid of failure for it's far better to start than fear the finished product.


akolinger said...

Thanks for painting for free babysitting!

Jessica Villmer said...

You are too cool!

Sarah said...

oh my gosh I love that painting! you're incredible. i wish I was your babysitter haha!