Sunday, December 30, 2012

Because I 'Felt' a Little Hungry

Shown above: Sandwich with two slices of bread, lettuce, cheese, two tomatoes that double 
as meat balls, bow-tie pasta, egg, taco/pizza, carrots and sugar snap peas. 

I tried my hand at making some felt food a few weeks back. Got online and looked up a few references from Etsy and Pinterest to see how the pros do it. I was blown away at how intricate you can get. I mean,  I wanted to bust into my computer and eat some of the adorable/delicious looking  cupcakes I saw.  I used what I had and just played around. Most pieces I just used all purpose glue to double the thickness and add durability. I added a few little embroidery details (as many as I had patience for). Some foods I ran out of time to make that also look very easy were: bacon and cookies (now that sounds yummy together).

What I learned: 
  • Sugar snap peas don't deserve that much embroidery...two was my limit. 
  • But in all seriousness, it was a lot of fun to make these playful morsels. The best things in life just take a little time. 

1 comment:

akolinger said...

That is some good looking food honey! You are a master fake food chef IMO. Love You!!