Friday, January 4, 2013

Speak 'Friend' and Enter

Recently I've been trying to "create" a more inviting environment for our guest room. I started with painting a headboard for the room (my camera isn't capturing the true colors but it's close enough). Then I painted an old table to put beside the bed (don't have a picture of that). I sewed the dressed runner early for a Thanksgiving runner and decided to move it guess room afterwards because it matched. One of the last decorating things I did was make the cloth/light garland to hang above the bed to create fun mood lighting for our company. Then it just came to rearranging things we already owned. I had so much fun and am still adding things here and there.

Do you have any hosting advise or resources that have helped you in your pursuit of creating an inviting, fun, and comfy place for your honored guests??

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Anonymous said...

Your guest room looks cozy and inviting! My guest room is in chaos right now and also doubles as my studio/library, but I'll tell you what I normally do.

I make sure my guests have a place to hang towels and a place to hang up clothes. I also try for a reading lamp by the bed in case they'd like to read. I make sure they know where the cups and snacks are in the kitchen and where the towels are. Sometimes I load a basket with towels, washclothes, a couple snacks like granola bars, and a brand-new [sealed] toothbrush (just in case).