Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Making Room

ASH WEDNESDAY!! That came quick but is eagerly welcomed.

I love lent, which might sound weird but I do. In this life it feels crucial to make space to reflect, remember and feel all the things these hearts of ours feel. Lent is one of those times where I am reminded to make room for the One who made room for us. It's a time that takes work, it's a time that realigns me, it's a time where love and sorrow meet.

I hope on your journey you feel the freedom to make room, and to know that "He first loved us" so it's also okay to fail. In the mist of reflecting on my own journey I've felt heavy so I've been meditating on this passage in Matthew 11:


Brain Balance; An exercise in Creativity and Logic said...

Beautiful, like you!!! Your heart always shines through in your writing!

Amy said...

I love what you wrote about Lent being something that "realigns" you. I feel that very same way - thanks for finding such a great word for it. I will be praying for your first Lenten journey in your new home. I know God has beautiful things in store for you this season. And I love, love what you created out of the Matt. verse - so lovely!