Thursday, November 26, 2009

Let's Get Thankful!

To follow my dear friend Michelle, I am going to make my list of gratitude!

1) An amazing husband who is my best friend and brings out the best in me (on most days).

2) My first son! I love you Wyatt Keith Olinger! He has taught me so so much about myself and how dependent I am on my Father in Heaven.

3) I'm thankful for a job that is actually really fun! I hope I can keep working there until Austin in done with Seminary!

4) Thankful for such awesome friends both here and in Kansas, England, Holland and any other place I am forgetting.

5) For an awesome family (Olinger, Weaverling, Jarvis and Bohannan) I love my siblings, parents, grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and my sweet niece.

6) I am also thankful for blogs. It may seem shallow but it really does inspire me and helps me stay connected to some really dear friends. Yeah! for good uses of internet!

7) Trailhead. It has been both encouraging and challenging being a part of our church. I love the woman's small group I am a part of and the youth group girls I lead. I have love love loved being on the worship team. And most of all I have really loved how everyone has become like family and shows me the love of Christ!

8) I am so thankful for the arts and how they say things that no words can fully grasp. I love how art helps me understand my Creator more intimately and also helps me deepen my faith. Even though I am not "painting" I am living art in a way, by molding and shaping my precious sons life and creating a home that is beautiful (at least attempting to do so).

9) I am thankful for the Hope of tomorrow, for the Love that binds us all together and helps us look beyond ourselves, and for the Faith that helps us be anchored to a firm foundation so we don't get lost in the sea of life. And I am thankful for a Savior who gives us these things in abundance!

10) I am thankful for you! Thank you for reading this and I would love to hear what you are thankful for!