Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Year and a Half!!! aka 18 months!

This is him from today! You can see his sweet personality in this one!


He has been a bit drooly lately...all those teeth coming in!
He love his poppie!

Fun at the park!

Those sweet brown eyes are too much!

I can't believe how fast 18 months have gone by! It has been such a wonderful experience having him in our family. He has his rough days, like the rest of us, but more than anything it has been such a privileged to see him grow, discover and live his precious little life.

What is something you have enjoyed about Wyatt in his 18 months of life?? (it will be fun to share this when he is older)


Daddy O said...

Recently, the Friday of Labor Day weekend when I was driving with Wyatt in the back seat, I would quickly look back at him (when it was safe to do so), and he would give me a big bashful smile which caused me to smile great big.

Reagan said...

he looks so big and cute! i love his smile. i remember when i visited one year ago and he was in his swing making noises and talking to us. :)

sam said...

Za Little Love. I love when he cuddles. He's pretty much the best cuddler ever.

mathilde said...

What I want him to know of his first 18 months! As far as I can know! He was very honest with me, open to let me in his games. His great curiosity struck me. And how focused he can be with something little and especially something very simple, no fancy toys for him. I want him to know how hard he tried to walk. And of course how sweet he smiles and laughs. And I want him to know how he is in my heart now, but also for the rest of his life.

Katie said...

I have always loved Wyatt's facial expressions. When he isn't smiling he has such a serious little face, as though he is contemplating the mysteries of the universe or examining my soul with his big brown eyes. It's so cute:)

ecbrownmom said...

I have loved watching Wyatt grow. I can tell he is going to be a great oldest cousin. He is so interested in other people and interacting. And his smiles brighten my day.


your blog is so beautiful!
and your baby :)
SO big now!!!