Saturday, November 28, 2009

Playing House: Thanksgiving at the Walkers House

The Walkers (friends of ours from our Church) were so kind to let us house-sit for them Wednesday through Saturday. There house is so warm and welcoming. It felt like one of the most peaceful Thanksgivings we have ever had! Not only was it peaceful but because of the non-"rush rush, stuff stuff" mentality we also got to really sit back and be THANKFUL for each other and the year that is nearly behind us. Here are some pictures of the wonderful meal we had:

One for the perks of staying at someone's house are the cool dishes! I put all of our potatoes (from here) into these quaint little dishes.
We put fresh parsley in the potatoes! Yummm!

We had all the traditional dishes:
stuffing, green bean casserole, rolls with homemade jam,
mash potatoes with gravy and TURKEY of course!

We had left over pumpkin so we put it into this little dish and
had ourselves a photo shoot with this Amy's sweet retro platter. SWEET!
(I know, I'm a nerd.)

For dessert I made three pies:
Pumpkin, Apple and Blueberry Peach (don't ask).
Featured here: DUTCH APPLE PIE

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The Olingers


Reagan said...

Man that food looks good! I'm glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving :)

Amy said...

The food looks wonderful (thanks for the great ideas!) - so glad you enjoyed your stay. We love you guys!!