Monday, September 15, 2008

Wyatt's Newest Photos :)

Here is some more of my cuteness!!! I love you guys!

Look how sweet I look in my dinosaur bib!!

"Hi Mom."

Attempt #1Attempt #2 (I want to wear the glasses!!!!)
Yeah!!! Finally!

Looking Cute with my Poppy!!!


Reagan said...

I love Wyatt's open mouth - like he's in a rock band. The pictures are so cute and I feel like I'm with you when I see the video's you post. :)

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness I love him so much. It looks like he grew more hair since I last saw the little one, did he?

LReineke said...

i love the fact that although you place the food in his mouth, you have to keep the spoon there to catch guard everything coming out and place it in his mouth again.... amazing.