Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Better to Make then Buy

I have had a hustle and bustle of crafty things happening around my house. I prefer to make rather than buy (although making still involves buying but you get what I'm saying).

With weddings and more weddings, it just feels more meaningful to put the time into making something that, hopefully, will be better then that one small and seemingly forgettable item off of someone registry. Since we have a small budget I can stretch a dollar by creating PLUS I really love to make things. It makes my heart happy and it tends to be therapeutic!

Here are some resent crafty projects:

My sweet Grandma Jarvis had these A-MAZING vintage squares that were my great-grandmother's lying around her house and she gave me a whole box! All I had to do was lay some out the way I liked and after a few hours I had a picnic blanket for my wonderful friends, Luke and Stephanie!

Frame: Secondhand store, spray painted. "B": bought and hand painted black. "Love" paper: bought, it's actually scrapbook paper aka I'm a big cheater. Final Product: A personalized home decor piece for my friends, Lauren and Joey!

And this is a little drawing I did for my friends, Erika and Ben. They want to have a more unique guestbook for their wedding. Thumb prints for leaves and signatures in the grass line! I can't wait to see the final product!

More to share soon! Pinky swear!


Michelle said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the picnic blanket. I can't wait to dig through those squares! Great gifts friend!

Michelle said...

You are so crafty!!!

Emily said...

Amanda, you make me happy. :)