Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wyatt's Last Day of Preschool/What a Sweetie

Wyatt got to be in 3 year old preschool the last couple months we were in Denver. He had so much fun in his class of all boys and one girl (don't feel too bad for her, she definitely held her own). They went over bugs for two-thirds of the time he was there and the last couple weeks they went over fruits and vegetables. So for his last day we brought a snack that corresponded. Just to give credit where credit is due, I saw this first done by my friend Amanda Donovan. I think she even had clouds at the end made of marshmallows (or maybe I imaged it...sounds like a good idea though). I tried to make half the rainbow fruit and the other half veggies but when I got to the blue strip it just turns to all around fruit (do you know of a blue vegetable???)

Wyatt's teachers really enjoyed the treat (I think the kids did too since I received an empty patter at the end of the day)!!

Wyatt has also been our little helper as we continue to fund raise with the Navigators. I've had the blessing of running out of thank you stationary (too many thank yous is a good problem, right?) and so I've combined Wyatt's love to watercolor paint with my desire to have cool thank you cards. And this is what I got!!!
Now I can send out Wyatt Keith original paintings along with a THANK YOU! Thanks, little love!


amanda said...

It turned out great!! But to be fair, I got the idea from Jen H. :) Love you friend, Miss you!!!

Amy said...

"Woohoo" to new posts on your blog!! Great stuff, Amanda! I especially love Wyatt's art - brilliant idea. Bittersweet seeing you in that little video.

Mrs. Villmer said...

what amazing parents you are :)