Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three in one day! aka The Hoe Down.

Yes. I am going to post three updates in one day. I'm feeling share-y today.

A couple of weeks ago Austin and I went to a
Hoe down put on by Denver Seminary.
It was so fun!
Some of my personal highlights were:
the corn fritters (they were like donuts...for dinner),
the food in general was AWESOME,
they had a caller for line/square dancing,
it was just great spending time with my main man.

I was trying to tell one of my customers at Solid Grounds
what a great weekend I had because I went to a
"hoe dance" he was confused and I was embarrassed.


Jamie and Joy George said...

where is Austin's costume??

Reagan said...

I went to one a couple years ago and it was SO much fun! I loved listening to the caller and laughing so much while dancing :)