Monday, August 18, 2008

New Wyatt Pictures

Hello All the People I LOVE!!!
Here are some new pictures of yours truly!

Here I am looking at mommy. I look so much like a big boy...almost five months old!

Mommy thinks I look like an old man in this picture. Does anyone want to play some chess??

You maybe wondering why I am wearing this hat with long's because Denver got a cold front last weekend it was in the 50's. Burrr!

Beware everybody! This is where Poppie hurts my big feelings! Not the lower lippy :(


Reagan said...

Poor Wyatt!

I can't tell if he has your eyes or Austin's! They are so big and cute.

Michelle said...

Oh my. . .the lower lip pout is exactly as imagined! Pretty adorable :)

LReineke said...

I love this so much... I think I watched it 5 times. ha!