Monday, August 18, 2008

The Crash

Sorry I have been so slow getting these pictures posted but here is the damage...and if you don't know the story already it goes a little something like this:

We were going to make a left hand turn off of 6th street when a sweet young man rear ended us. He confessed that he had just gotten his car fixed from another accident recently which made me feel a bit sorry for him. We were and are all just shook us up a bit. Praise the Lord that it wasn't worse.

If you are wondering the car was declared totaled by our/their insurance.

In Other News!!
Wyatt is still so adorable and his big brown eyes are becoming more curious everyday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being home with him and I think he likes it too.


Reagan said...

It's so sad about your car but God always has a plan! It's awesome to see Him work in your lives.

I love that picture of Wyatt...Looks like me all the time, with his mouth hanging open.

Marty said...

Hey Amanda and family...this is Mr. Moreno from topeka high.
You have been a busy little beaver in the recent years. nice family! Baby looks like gramps. Just talked to him today and emailed your mom...grams.
I am a gramp too! Glad to hear you got serious about your gifts. thank you for sharing with the world. Teaching is easy...not!.
be good and write me an e sometimes.