Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday

It's been a while since I've posted a "Thankful Thursday" and not because I haven't (double negative, sorry) been thankful for anything but rather because Thursdays are difficult days to blog on.


Number 1: Wyatt got a potty last night (well, we technically got him the potty) and not even 24 hours after the purchase he went in the potty! It was awesome! I was getting him more literature (that's my tactic for now, book reading on the potty) and when I came back he had gone. The hard part was getting him to understand he couldn't keep sitting there. He really likes that thing.
****He is probably going to hate this picture in a couple of years. But if I had the privilege of having my main picture in my grandparents hallway (until I was at least a pre-teen) be my potty picture then I think Wyatt can handle this :)******

This was taken at my childhood church, West Side Baptist Church, when I was like 3 1/4 or 4. My dad had to go in with me to help...and just happened to have his camera. This is me still, very modest (right Sam, Michelle?).

Number 2: Thankful for Family!

I love these guys! It's been great starting our own family!
On top of the family we were blessed to be born into, I feel like we've been blessed with an awesome church family, work family, and community family since we've been out here. LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH! XOXOXOX

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