Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Recap (this is going to be a long one).

April has been totally crazy, thus I have not blogged. So Brace Yourself (i.e. go to the bathroom before reading or get a warm beverage, this is going to take some time).

Easter was so awesome this year.
After 40 long days of lent I was so ready to
celebrate the resurrection of our Lord!
I had to work in the morning, which was fine.
So I did what any mom would do and hard boiled
a dozen eggs and brought them for my co-workers
to color.

I think six or seven different people ended up coloring
an egg or two. It was so fun!

I got to work with these two sassy ladies.
I love Lacey and Martine!

After singing our hearts out that night at
church we had a huge meal together:
Family Style!

Our Table
Baby Shower Time!
I got to go to a friend baby shower from
our church. Before unwrapping her gifts,
we all read a blessing or prayer for her little boy.
After a person read they would pass the yarn on
to the next person. It was to symbolize how we are all
connected to one another.
Let's color....
Wyatt's first mural. I was upset
but also a little proud of his creative
expression. Sometimes I want to
treat the walls like a big canvas too.
But not so cool when you rent.
Thank you magic eraser! Grandma showing Wyatt
how to clean up his mess.
Benefit Concert
Mom Olinger helped (made 90%) make these
beautiful pink scarfs to sell at the benefit concert last Friday.
I sold *sigh* one.
The benefit concert went really well. It was a packed house.
We made $300 for the Susan G. Koman foundation.

If you have made it to the end you get a gold star!


Anonymous said...

Great recap. And I can't even believe Wyatt is 2 and drawing on walls already! And I'm glad you had a great Easter. And I wish I could have heard you play and sing at the concert. And I LOVE you, friend!

Jamie and Joy George said...

i laughed, but then cringed when I saw Wyatt's art work. that could be me someday. :)
I enjoyed reading your whole post! It's great to "catch up" on your life. I had wanted to make it to that benenfit concert, but for some reason I didn't. ?? Hmmm.
Anyways, we need to hang out sometime. Breeson turns 1 soon, so you'll be getting an invite for his bday party!!

sam said...

Amanda Kay,

Oh how I love you and wish I could have been there to hear you sing. *sigh* Miss and love you.