Thursday, December 17, 2009

A time to celebrate!

One of my most favorite things about Christmas is how it really brings people together. Which is so suiting because isn't that what God is really wanting? For us to be brought together with him through His Son Jesus!
Which leads me to the Christmas parties we've gotten to go to!

Austin and I went to a Christmas party (just the two of us) at our friends, Teddy and Emily Holmes.

They have a wonderful home! I love Emily's taste.
They had warm beverages, all that were very yummy!

The food was also soo amazing! Cheese, Olives and Jam...
really makes me thankful that God made us with taste-buds!

The next party was the...
(this year at Solid Grounds Coffee Shop)

I think there were about 22 of us total!
It was a BLAST!

There was even a real tree to put our gifts under.
We had gift exchange and the gifts were really awesome this year!

Who are you excited to see this Christmas season?



fun fun!
I am excited to see new friends (at Bear Trap) :)
And will miss being with my family, but will make it up after Christmas!


AKO Team said...

That sounds fun!

Love you!